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  • "The 7% drop from October ended eight consecutive monthly gains in Ginnie MBS issuance. Rate-term refinance activity continued to climb last month, but not enough to offset declines in purchase-money and cash-out refi transactions" - Ginnie MBS Production Stumbles in November
  • "

    The retail share of jumbo originations is up this year even with top-ranked Wells Fargo placing a greater emphasis on the correspondent channel. More than 80% of jumbos originated in the third quarter came through retail means. (Includes data chart.)- Retail Share of Jumbo Originations Rises in 3Q19

  • Mortgage Rates Snap Back to 3-Week Highs
    Mortgage rates have seen a fair amount of volatility so far this week, dropping quickly on Tuesday and moving in the opposite direction since then. Between yesterday and today, that big drop from earlier in the week has been completely erased. The result is an average conventional 30yr fixed rate th... + Read More
  • Mortgage Rates Near Recent Lows Despite Moving Up Today
    Mortgage rates dropped sharply yesterday after having risen to the highest levels in 2 weeks the day before. Yesterday's culprit was trade war related, but today had a more robust calendar of potentially market moving data. So did the data end up moving the market? If the title didn't give it away, ... + Read More

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We know that each customer has specific needs, So here at HomeStar we strive to meet your specifications with a wide array of products. We will look for Best solutions to fits your need.

Today's technology is providing a more products to work with than we can even keep up with. For example, this website can submit a complete online secure loan application where in the near future the loan can be completely handled by email and e-signatures. Verification for mortgage loans is getting simpler for the borrower, check out the blink loan applications. With some information that includes FICO scores we can advise or determine which product could best fulfill your needs.

Hello, I am Gary Lange, a Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist - including reverse mortgages.

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