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  • "MBS creation took off like a rocket in the second quarter and the way lenders are feeling today the good times should last for a few more months at least. But there is a downside: prepayment speeds" - A Spike in Originations Will Aid Securitizations But...
  • "Bullish signs abound for non-QM securitizations. Top-ranked lenders Angel and Citadel Servicing Corp. are coming off record originations for 2Q19. Angel Oak believes the market is underestimated" - Angel Oak Executive Says Non-QM Potential is Underestimated
  • Mortgage Rates Lowest This Week Despite Stronger Economic Data
    Economic data and mortgage rate movement go hand in hand. A stronger economy puts upward pressure on rates. A contracting economy helps rates move lower. While this is far from the only source of inspiration, it's indirectly linked to other major sources of inspiration (like Fed policy). Paradoxical... + Read More
  • Mortgage Rates Drop as Bond Gains Accelerate
    Mortgage rates improved today, depending on the lender and the time of day! Underlying bond markets were only modestly stronger in the morning. As such, the average lender only offered modest improvements over yesterday's rates at first. But as the day progressed, market volatility favored bonds. On... + Read More

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We know that each customer has specific needs, So here at HomeStar we strive to meet your specifications with a wide array of products. We will look for Best solutions to fits your need.

Today's technology is providing a more products to work with than we can even keep up with. For example, this website can submit a complete online secure loan application where in the near future the loan can be completely handled by email and e-signatures. Verification for mortgage loans is getting simpler for the borrower, check out the blink loan applications. With some information that includes FICO scores we can advise or determine which product could best fulfill your needs.

Hello, I am Gary Lange, a Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist - including reverse mortgages.

Smart Reverse Mortgage

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